Stainless steel pipes are crucial in our everyday life, but what happens when they go faulty?

Once upon a time, we faced a water crisis at our workplace. If only we knew then what we're about to share with you today

Corrosion is a common issue with stainless steel pipes. Can we spot the difference together?

Magnets can reveal a lot. If it sticks, we might be dealing with a faulty stainless steel

Leakage is a clear sign of a problem. That was the first sign we overlooked back then

Regular inspections can catch problems early. This is a lesson we learned the hard way!

Advanced tools like inspection cameras can help detect issues deep inside the pipes

Found a fault? It's time to call a professional. Attempting a DIY fix can cause more damage if not done right

We ended up replacing our entire plumbing system. But with this knowledge, you don’t have to

Together, we've learned how to detect faults in stainless steel pipes. Regular checks will ensure they serve us well

Discover how to detect and address stainless steel pipe issues