317L Round Bar
304 and 304L Round Bar

Most people associate steel bars with the reinforcement of foundations and, in general, with construction. Indeed, it is in this area that these products are most often used, although it is worth knowing that there are other applications for steel bars. There are three popular types of applications.

The building material of almost every structure is concrete. Concrete alone is not enough to provide a building with stability, strength, and durability, as it is a relatively fragile material. Reinforcing bars are therefore used to strengthen the concrete. Round bars are almost always used for this type of reinforcement.

As well as other uses, round bars are used in beams, columns, and foundation benching. Together with trusses, they form a solid basis for any structure. Their role is to increase the building’s resistance to loads – both vertical and horizontal. Round bars are also perfect for the construction of power poles, bridges, and hall roofs in large industrial facilities.

Also, one of the most common uses of steel bars is the construction of steel structures such as fences, gates, balustrades, and trusses. Square bars are usually used for this purpose, although round bars can also be used.

Steel bars can be classified in many ways. Different types of rods are connected with different properties, which determine the intended use of the products. Here we discuss the basic classifications of steel bars.

The most popular category of steel bars is the cross-section category. There are round, rectangular, square, and hexagonal bars. Rectangular bars are commonly referred to as flat bars and are very often used in gates, fences, and industrial machines. However, the greatest demand is for round bars, as they are best suited for concrete reinforcement.

Steel bars can also be categorized according to the type of their surface. Smooth bars and ribbed bars both belong to this classification. It is clear that ribbed bars are much better when compared with smooth bars when it comes to adhesion to concrete.

SS 309/310/310S Round Bars/Rods are applicable in many of the general works and many industries like the heat exchangers, condensers, sugar industry, oil industry, gas processing, breweries industry, petrochemical industry, power generation industry, power plant, specialty chemical industry, fertilizer industry, dairy industry, food processing, military applications, pumps, shafts, and home appliances as well.

SS 309/310/310S Round Bars/Rods have some of the amazing qualities like durability, flexibility, machinability, workability, welding, ductility, fabrication, high strength, and hardness. These rods are basically suitable for the use in the chemical and manufacture of the nuts for the industry. These bars are likely most demanding in the market due to the ant corrosion nature of the rods. These rods & bars are resistant to high temperatures. These rods can be easily used in the annealed temperatures without any deformation to the rods.

These bars & rods have to undergo many of the tests after the production from the industry like a macro test, flaring test, hardness test, chemical test, mechanical test, micro test, flattening test, PMI test, and hydrostatic test as well.

Our industry is a leading supplier and stockiest of the entire industrial steel and SS 309/310/310S Round Bars/Rods. Our all the bars are made with the high quality of the raw material and international grade. Our all the bars & rods well packed and tested before the delivery to the customer. Champak Steel & Engg. Co is offering the rods & bars in the customized form as per the customer instructions and specifications as well.

SS 309/310/310S Round Bars/Rods are generally made with both physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, elongation, proof stress, thermal conductivity, density, melting point, modulus of expansion, electrical conductivity, and electrical resistivity as well. These rods are even designed with various chemical compositions such as manganese, silicon, phosphorous, sulfur, molybdenum, nickel, chromium, and carbon, as well.

These bars are likely constructed with the help of the various specifications such as wall thickness, pressure, length, width, conditions, tolerance, surface, finish, end, applications, forms, shape, size, and grade. These bars & rods are available in numerous types like fabricated, welded, seamless, and ERW.

310 stainless steel round bar, also known as UNS S31000 and Grade 310, contains the following primary elements: 30% maximum carbon, 2% maximum manganese, 19% to 22% nickel, 1.5% maximum silicon, 24% to 26% chromium, traces of sulfur and phosphorus, with the balance iron. Since 310 contains a high percentage of chromium and nickel, it performs better in most environments than 304 or 309. Strong and corrosion-resistant, it is suitable for temperatures up to 1149°C. 309 increases in toughness and hardness when cold worked, and it does not respond to heat stress. is a stockist of 310 stainless steel round bar that meets the INDIA standard. In our inventory of stainless steel round bar, we keep an accurate inventory of 310 stainless steel round bar. Various sizes of 310 stainless steel flat bar and hex bar are available on is a leading supplier of Stainless Steel Pipe and Pipe Fitting in grades such as 304 / 310 / 316 / 316L, nickel alloys, heat resistant alloys, and other applications. In case you are looking to buy 310 stainless steel threaded rod at a reasonable price in India, then be sure to check out our prices for ASTM A276 AISI 310 stainless steel round bar, 310 stainless steel welding rods, and 310 stainless steel round bar.

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