317L Round Bar

321 round bar 

321 stainless steel bar stock, also known as Grade 321 bar, is primarily comprised of 17% to 19% chromium, 12% nickel, .25% to 1% silicon, 2% maximum manganese, traces of phosphorus and sulfur.70% titanium, with the balance being iron. With regards to corrosion resistance, 321 material is equivalent to Grade 304 in the annealed condition and is superior if the application involves service in the 797° to 1652° F range. 321 stainless steel round bar combines high strength, resistance to scaling and phase stability with resistance to subsequent aqueous corrosion.

The key feature of 321 stainless steel density is its resistance to inter-granular corrosion. It contains titanium, which stabilizes against chromium carbide formation. Its applications include Jet engine parts, Heat treated parts,Expansion joints,Turbo superchargers,Exhaust manifolds.  321 stainless steel properties is reinforced with titanium, this alloy excels in high temperature environments, providing resistance to cracking and corrosion. 321 round bar/rod stock is available in full size and custom cut lengths. manufactures and exports a wide range of industrial application products. We are a prominent manufacturer of 316 / 316L Round Bar at affordable prices. As a long-term provider of services, we are concerned about each client’s assurance that the order will be fulfilled within the time frame agreed upon. In order to maintain the national and international quality standards of SS 316/316L Bars & Rods, we never compromise on quality or productivity.

There is no alloy that is more corrosion resistant than 316 / 316L Round Bar. It is recommended for thermal processes, pressure fittings, valves, flanges, etc. The addition of molybdenum prevents pitting in chloride-containing atmospheres and crevice corrosion. A passive layer is present on the surface of 316 / 316L Round Bars to prevent corrosion attacks in water-based media or in oxidising environments. Salt and bleach are present in the media of an appliance, but it is not rust-proof or suitable for welding.

317 round bar 

Stainless steel 317L pipe is at most 2.0% manganese, 1.0% silicon, 0.045% phosphorous and 0.03% sulfur. Another element that makes this grade of stainless steel unique is the carbon content. 317L stainless steel wire, plate contains up to 0.03% carbon. manufactures, supplies, and exports stainless products worldwide. If you have a product in mind, we can make it for you. We supply our 317/317L Plate in different dimensions and specifications for various industries. All of our products comply with international standards. The sheet and plate are similar in shape, but they differ in thickness. Their usefulness, however, is not affected by their thickness variation. They are still used in the marine industry, oil and gas plants, chemical processing plants, power plants, construction and engineering applications, and more. Due to its properties resulting from the use of stainless steel grade 317, SS 317 / 317L Sheet Plate is used here.

There is also a low carbon variation of this grade known as 317/317L Plate. Low carbon content enhances the resistance of sheets and plates. Therefore, the sheet and plate have higher corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, creep strength, stress-rupture strength, pitting resistance, and more. As a result of the presence of chemicals like alkaline chloride, chloride solution, halide solution, acetic acid, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid, the resistant property is highly desirable in the chemical industry. As a result of these chemicals, plates are damaged and their lives are reduced.

As a result, Stainless Steel 317/317L Plate is resistant to these chemicals and has higher strength at elevated temperatures. As a result, our plates last a long time. As a result of the presence of elements such as chromium, the Austenitic Stainless Steel 317/317L Sheet Plate also has the desired quality. There are martensitic, ferritic, and austenitic structures in these highly alloy steel sheets and plates. 

Welding and fabrication of these sheets and plates are easy due to their characteristics. Cold working and post-work annealing are possible to decrease

the internal stress of sheet and plate under working atmospheres. However, the sheet cannot be used or heated at a temperature below 927 degrees Celsius which is 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Our plates and sheets undergo well-testing for their performance assurance

Stainless Steel 317L Threaded Bar. This threaded bar is a relatively long rod that is threaded on both ends. The thread  on the Stainless Steel 317L Cold Drawn Bar may extend along the complete length of the rod. This 317L Round Bar has been designed to be used in tension. In a bar stock form, the Threaded rod is often called as all-thread.

Shearing, stamping, drawing and heading can be done successfully on the 317l stainless steel properties. Post-work annealing is performed on the SS 317L Square Bar in order to reduce internal stress. Annealing the 317L SS Round Bar is can be performed between a temperature range of 1010 °C -1121°C or 1850°F – 2050°F followed by cooling.

Since the 317L Stainless Steel Welding Rod does not react to heat treatment, these rods can be hardened by treating them to cold working. The 317L Bright Bar is a stainless steel bar that has been produced by using one or more cold finishing processes.The Stainless Steel 317L Hollow Bar can be manufactured in such a way that it is extremely homogeneous.  Stainless Steel 317L Hollow Bar is generally produced by maintaining very tight dimensional tolerances.

Some of the benefits of using the Stainless Steel 317L Hex Bar include close dimensional precision, increased mechanical features like high tensile strength as well as good resistance to corrosion. Besides this the ASTM A276 Type 317L Stainless Steel Round Bar offers improved machinability properties along with having a smooth surface finish.

For instance the stainless steel 317 Bars is tougher in comparison to grade 304 stainless steel bars. Therefore, it is recommended that the 317lmn stainless steel sheet Manufacturer India  use chip breakers during machining this grade of stainless steel. Hardenability of the Stainless Steel 317L Rectangular Bar will be reduced if constant feeds and low speeds are used during machining operations.

Common applications of the SS 317L Pump Shaft And Rod include its use in various industries like the Textile, Chemical equipment as well as Pulp and paper.

As you can see both stainless steel 317L and stainless steel 321 round bar both have many advantages, you can choose as per your needs and preferences. You also can speak to our experts at Tronix alloy who will help towards making an informed decision.

Anjali Tiwari
Anjali Tiwari