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We are manufacturer, exporter, supplier of SS 317/ 317L Sheets & Plates. We are also involved in manufacturing, supplying a wide range of industrial applications for fulfilling a wide array of requirements of our valuable clients. We are working from many years, known as the pioneer manufacturing house of Sheets & Plates in the industrial field. We have installed the latest modern technologies to manufacture urgently and fulfill every client’s demands in time. SS 317/ 317L Sheets & Plates have molybdenum in high content to offer excellent strength. Its chemical stability exhibits excellent corrosion resistant properties such as resistance to acetic acid, sulfuric solution, chloride corrosion, etc. It has superior strength used for making components that can withstand heavy-duty applications. SS 317 Sheets have good formability, pitting resistance, crevice corrosion-resistant, intergranular corrosion, etc.

SS 317L Sheets & Plates have less amount of chromium compare to SS 317 but offer high fatigue resistance. It withstands in the annealed condition does not readily degrade or corrode in the oxidizing environment. It has low carbon content, and high tensile strength provides excellent formability, which makes it suitable for creating a wide array of components. SS 317L Sheets & Plates are ductile not recommended for an appliance like heat treatment and gas welding. We are using the defined standard procedure of manufacturing SS 317/ 317L Sheets & Plates. We have qualified workers in production plant which do their work with dedications to fulfill our each client requirement in time. We also have a well-qualified expert team that are guiding the entire workforce, by making proper use of technology and employees produce SS 317/ 317L Sheets & Plates urgently with zero error.

We assure the quality of products as well because we use high-quality grade raw materials, which is brought form our regular, reliable vendors in contact. We also do a production of custom SS 317/ 317L Sheets & Plates to fulfill client-specific demands. We do a destructive, non-destructive test of standard, custom Stainless Steel sheets & plates to ensure stability and accuracy of dimensions before packaging are doing damage-proof packaging of SS 317/ 317L Sheets & Plates. We assure to deliver products safely with all documents to clients from production plant by our experience shipping sales teams.

We supply our 317/317L Plate in different dimensions and specifications for various industries. All of our products comply with international standards. The sheet and plate are similar in shape, but they differ in thickness. Their usefulness, however, is not affected by their thickness variation. They are still used in the marine industry, oil and gas plants, chemical processing plants, power plants, construction and engineering applications, and more. Due to its properties resulting from the use of stainless steel grade 317, SS 317 / 317L Sheet Plate is used here.

There is also a low carbon variation of this grade known as 317/317L Plate. Low carbon content enhances the resistance of sheets and plates. Therefore, the sheet and plate have higher corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, creep strength, stress-rupture strength, pitting resistance, and more. As a result of the presence of chemicals like alkaline chloride, chloride solution, halide solution, acetic acid, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid, the resistant property is highly desirable in the chemical industry. As a result of these chemicals, plates are damaged and their lives are reduced.

As a result, Stainless Steel 317/317L Plate is resistant to these chemicals and has higher strength at elevated temperatures. As a result, our plates last a long time. As a result of the presence of elements such as chromium, the Austenitic Stainless Steel 317/317L Sheet Plate also has the desired quality. There are martensitic, ferritic, and austenitic structures in these highly alloy steel sheets and plates. 

Welding and fabrication of these sheets and plates are easy due to their characteristics. Cold working and post-work annealing are possible to decrease

the internal stress of sheet and plate under working atmospheres. However, the sheet cannot be used or heated at a temperature below 927 degrees Celsius which is 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Our plates and sheets undergo well-testing for their performance assurance

SS 317L seamless tubes are one of a kind. Their strength and precision are well known. The national and global nature of steel raw materials allows these SS 317l pipes to be produced in various sizes and thicknesses, in accordance with the specific requirements of clients in the business sector.

Stainless steel 317L SS is a T300 series austenitic stainless steel. Austenitic alloys containing chromium and nickel are used in its manufacture. There are many industries that can benefit from SS 317L seamless tubes. Cold drawn stainless steel 317L pipes have a higher molybdenum content than cold drawn stainless steel 317, but are still austenitic. 

In addition to being available in different sizes and shapes, SS 317 can also be fabricated or machined to meet customized piping requirements. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of SS 317L pipes and tubes available to our clients. The high chromium balance in SS 317 pipes, as well as nickel and molybdenum, contribute to their corrosion resistance. Alloy steel 317 pipes and tubes have up to 30% chromium and a low carbon version that resists sensitization during welding and thermal processing.

Let us know of your requirements and we will help you choose the right fit.

Anjali Tiwari
Anjali Tiwari